ME ARCHITECTS is a critical architectural And Interior Design studio founded in 2012 by principal architect Mohsin Ejaz.
ME Architects believes in design as a process.We research into creating a built environment that is adaptive and contextual.
We see architecture as a language that speaks of the place.
Our sensible, yet critical design approach recognizes the inherent complexity in modern day building and harnesses this complexity to produce projects that are culturally robust, place sensitive and environmentally friendly.
The company also provides renovation and turn key services.
Our vision is to administrate the needs of our clients by introducing them to new innovative and appealing designs.
We are in collaboration with Form in Design,a furniture brand. ME Architects have accomplished multiple projects on a wide scale.
Our firms portfolio consists of multiple projects completed and presented to our customers.
Our trust worthy service providers use cost saving ways to achieve the tasks at hand.
We have successfully completed residential projects ranging from 500 yards to 2000 yards, Fit-outs, corporate offices, schools and Kiosk.
We look forward to take our company to the next level of expertise in our professional regime while keeping the designs sustainable, introducing user friendly materials, versatile functionality of the designs keeping in view the environmental issues worldwide.


new build, alteration renovation uplift remodeling


new build, refurbishment, extension and remodeling.


Regeneration and conservation.


Café / restaurant.


outlets, kiosk, showrooms and stores.